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Property Management - Sectional title management

Commercial and Industrial Sectional Title and Property Owners Association Management

JLM Property has over 20 years combined experience in successfully managing Sectional Title Schemes and Property Owners Association Schemes in the Commercial and Industrial industry.

With providing individual client property portfolio management for private investors, we know what it means to be an Owner in a Sectional Title Scheme or Property Owners Association and as such provide a service that we know is needed by you as an Owner. Browse through the below services that we offer for Sectional Title Management. Choosing the right Sectional title managing agent is important in any sectional title scheme to ensure your needs are met.

Sectional Title Management

The services that we offer for Sectional Title and Property Owners Association Management are:

Full Accounting Services, which includes

  • Raising Levy Invoices and Management of Collections of Levies
  • Ensuring all monthly expenses are paid on behalf of the scheme
  • Preparation of Annual Budgets based on Actual Expenditure
  • Preparation of Annual Incomes and Expenses for Auditors to Draft Annual Financial Statements
  • Monthly / Bi-Monthly VAT Returns
  • Submissions and Registrations of Complexes with the Community Schemes Ombud Service, as well as ensuring all payments to CSOS
  • Collections of Arrear Levies and Handing over Accounts as instructed

Maintenance and Administration

  • Arrange and advise Trustees on the maintenance of the complex
  • Arranging and managing the 10 Year Maintenance Plans of Complexes
  • Liaise with contractors, either provided by ourselves or the Trustees, to obtain quotes and manage the maintenace at the complex
  • Assisting Trustees in obtaining correct replacement values of properties in a Sectional Title Scheme to ensure that the properties are not over or under insured, as well as arrange Professional Valuations every Three Years
  • Management of insurance claims on behalf of the Sectional Title Scheme from start to finish

Preparation of All Meetings on behalf of the Owners/Trustees

  • Preparation and Distribution of all documentation for Annual General Meetings as prescribed by Sectional Title Law
  • Arranging and Attending the Annual General Meeting for the Scheme
  • Arrange all General / Special General Meetings of Trustees/Owners
  • Ensure that all notices and minutes of meetings are properly distributed to all Owners within the prescribed timing as per Sectional Title Law
  • Ensure that Trustees and the Chairperson are correctly advised of all matters within a Sectional Title or Property Owners Association scheme when needed

All the services that we provide are at one monthly cost determined by the number of units in your scheme, with additional costs set out in the management contract individually tailored to the needs of each complex.

The single biggest flaw of the majority of Property Managers in Sectional Title Scheme’s or Property Owners Association’s is that they forget that you as an Owner/Trustee are the decision makers, not the Property Managers.

We strive to provide a more personalized service to you and your tenants.